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This page contains so much coding that it may not load completly the first time. If Webtv interprets a glitch while loading a scripted page it shuts off all script within that page. If you don't see a dial-pad on the phone tap your cmd r keys repeatedly a few times until it reloads the dial-pad.

To get a free instant messanger pager for your email or website dial 573-581-7598 on the phone to the right using the number pad.
To return to the Image- Magick page dial three different 10 digit phone numbers.
To Email me type your message in the display window and hit the
Send button. To erase your message hit the Clear button.
To use the arrows properly you must be positioned above or below both the dialing pad and display window. The arrows aid in centering the display win- dow and dial-pad when dialing a number.

Note that the phone and pagers contain Webtv audioscope codes which can't be seen by PC's. They also use buttons stored on Webtv so PC's will have a different view of what they should look like.
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